Arisu Tour Co., Ltd.
As a travel agency established in 1992 in line with the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and China, we understand Korea best through our long experience and have perfect accommodations, vehicles, wonderful restaurants, and high-quality guides to meet the needs of our customers, as well as providing information on various travel destinations and travel. We are doing our best to ensure convenient, efficient and safe travel through continuous development of products.

Arisu Tour Co., Ltd. will continue to be a company that does its best to help customers improve their quality of life through travel, enjoy happiness and joy through customer service, and further help the local community and country become a bright and enjoyable society.

Arisu Tour Co., Ltd.

CEO Kim Hwa-seon
Establishment date July 11, 1994
Business Number 102-81-34810
phone number +82-2-736-4041
fax +82-2-736-4043
Major history
Currently inbound business is underway in China, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Mongolia, etc.
  • 2017


    Start of Southeast Asia inbound business

  • 2016


    Arisu Tour Jeju branch established

  • 2013


    Establishment of Beijing Arisu International Travel Agency (net-foreign-owned company)

  • 2010


    Acquired permission for exclusive travel agency in China

  • 1994


    China Civil Aviation CA/MU/CZ contract>Air service agency
    Start of business including China Civil Aviation ticket reservation and ticketing

  • 영문 사이트

    Arisu Tour (Establishment of Co., Ltd.)

  • 1993


    Company name changed to Arisu Tour

  • 1992


    China Airlines international travel agency cooperation
    Inbound tourism business begins throughout China

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